Paradoxical Productions makes series, features and podcasts that are urgent, premium, empathetic and optimistic. We believe that amplifying the voices of emerging artists can help accelerate today’s social revolution.
The Paradoxical Productions team has 50-plus of years of expertise in entertainment development, production, sales, marketing, design, operations and film/TV fınance at brands including Brat TV, Conde Nast Entertainment, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures, StudioCanal, Vice Studios, Warner Brothers and William Morris Entertainment. Check out some of our current and upcoming projects below!.

  • Soul Balm

    Soul Balm by Clark Moore is an interview podcast about identity and the ways in which we heal ourselves. Every week, Clark will chat with today's brightest young thought leaders, creators, founders and artists about practical solutions to process and soothe our collective anxiety.

    Podcast by Clark Moore | New episodes weekly
  • Dorothy The Great

    In this quirky-comedy-with-a-dash-of-mystery, an awkward small-town reporter sets out to prove an unlikely theory: that a movie star has faked her death and moved to town under a new identity.

    Series by Wendy Salters | Coming soon

  • BB Love

    Fresh from the summer of her teenage dreams, artsy, coding-obsessed Bebe finds herself at the center of Cliffridge High’s first international love triangle — or is it a square?
  • The Resolutionists

    A new kind of salon that brings together divergent voices to #HashItOut in a productive, civil discussion on pressing issues led by a neutral celebrity host.

    In partnership with Conscious City Guide

  • Nat Bat Dance Battle

    When acclaimed choreographer Natalie Bebko (Nat Bat) takes the helm as a coach, it’s a fleet of emerging dancers — the internet’s next stars — who start making real moves. 
  • A Woman Possessed

    A repressed young woman agrees to share her body with Lilith, a vengeful demon, to team-up against the patriarchal forces that have defined them.

    Series by Rachel Van Nes | Coming soon

  • The Plum River School for Excitable Girls

    When an elusive (yet basic!) young woman is sent to an isolated and controversial boarding school for “lightning rods”—girls who are repeatedly struck by lightning—she soon learns that not everything on Plum River’s picture-book campus is as it seems.

    Series by Shea Mayo | Coming soon
  • Undertow

    After the sudden disappearance of her family, an impulsive Latina data scientist uncovers a series of hints that they may still be alive, and embarks on a journey to unravel the mind-bending mysteries of the multiverse to find them.

    Series by Elena Perez | Coming soon

  • CHIP

    CHIP is an endearing comedy and fish-out-of-water story. CHIP presents a 2020 twist on When Harry Met Sally: Can a gay man and a straight man be friends? Is the tension of an intimate, homosocial friendship too fragile to be maintained?

    Series by Clark Moore | Coming soon